What are the architectural characteristics of box houses


2021-12-15 11:47

What are the architectural characteristics of box houses

1. Integrated housing has a higher degree of engineering, shortened construction period, and greatly reduced costs: the modular standard of temporary construction facilities is unified-to realize the large-scale industrial production of temporary construction, improve the pre-engineering of construction, and make different shapes, different materials and different The temporary construction components of the manufacturing method have a certain versatility. At the same time, the pre-engineering of temporary construction facilities integrates material processing and installation, which greatly reduces construction and installation costs; and accelerates the construction speed, so that the construction period can be shortened by more than 60%, thereby speeding up the capital turnover of the construction unit and enabling the construction site Start construction earlier.
2. The integrated house can meet the requirements of height and over-span: light steel structure materials are uniformly organized, high strength, high elastic modulus, and the ratio of density to strength is much smaller than that of concrete and masonry. Under the same stress, light steel structure The self-weight is small, so it can be made into a light steel integrated house with a larger span and a higher height.
3. Integrated house design and function integration, making temporary construction facilities more functional: In temporary construction facilities, light steel structure has become an important factor in image formation. The shape, components and nodes of the structure are: to a large extent Lead to and restrict the image of Linjian. Only when the design and function of the building and structure are integrated can the building be more functional, so that the subsequent design steps can be carried out and the temporary construction facilities that integrate technology and art can be created.



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