Briefly introduce the characteristics of prefabricated integrated houses


2021-12-15 11:47

Briefly introduce the characteristics of prefabricated integrated houses

The prefabricated integrated house adopts a light steel structure system. The wall is covered with composite thermal insulation wall panels. All wall panels and accessories can be folded and packaged. The equipment is simple and suitable for long-distance large-scale transportation and export shipping. The circuit system is intact and prefabricated in the factory. The equipment is convenient and fast, shortening the time distance from construction to use.
The steel structure system enables the house to have good wind resistance. The lightweight structure enables the house to show good integrity even in the event of a disaster. The prefabricated integrated house can be transported as a whole, or it can be split and packaged for transportation, and the on-site manufacturing volume is small. , It can be used after being transported to the site.
  The house can be recycled for 20 years without any construction waste. The roof adopts a structural waterproof design to enhance the air and water tightness of the house. When the house leaves the factory, you can choose matching parts according to the actual situation.
   Prefabricated integrated houses save time and effort. Compared with traditional houses, container houses can provide people with more choices.


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